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Measurement & Verification (M&V) of energy, raw ingredients, and other consumables; Color bargraphs; BTU Rate Monitor; RelayMON for Remote Metal Clad Switchgear Tripping; Off-line Frequency Tester; Multi-channel Gas Monitor Panel; VFD Booster Station Controller; Bubbler Transmitter for Level/Density/Interface/Flow; Speedy Leak Tester; Effluent Wastewater Credit Metering; Uninterruptible DC Power Sypply; Custom M&V Instruments & Solutions for End-users, OEM's and Research Scientists: Replace labor-intensive, error-prone or otherwise outdated methods; Facility Energy Monitoring w/ web-based interface;




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ATi' newest Division:

Voted #1 Thermal Flow Meters and Flow & Level Switches in Control's Readers Choice Award for over 20 straight years! Thank you users!

Innovation + Value = (Simple) CIMON


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Ultimate Access SCADA S/W

10-yr. Mag Meter Warranty

& Mtce-freeTotal Solids Analyzer

Bargraph Panel Instruments for Commercial and Nuclear Applications
Pressure & Diff. Pressure (DP) Transmitters: Premium performance, rugged, hermetically sealed, high accuracy Absolute/Gage Pressure Transmitter designs for nuclear (safety-related) & non-nuclear industries provide, ultra fast response and superior stability; Draft Range (0-1" H2O) models survive high static pressures; Remote Seals available; Mud Density Transmitter for full submergence operation

Annunciators: UL Listed; 1st Out, Time-stamped with Seq. of Events option, Real and Virtual Inputs (Modbus over Serial or Ethernet link), Field-configurable, Changeable Window Legends, Long-life & Low Energy LED's; Convenient 1-pt., 10-pt. 12-pt. models; 1 to 4 pts./module; Integral and Remote Logic designs; Lamp Box Displays; Horns & Beacons; Alarm Management

Squence-of-Events Recorders (SER): SERnet with web Browser interface, ISM and Annunciator-based SER's; Digital Fault/Transient Recorders; Power Quality & Power Quantity Recorders & Analyzers: Fixed and Portable, Waveform Captures, Harmonics Direction and Trending, Demand, et al.

Signal Conditioners/Transmitters/Trips: Analog & Programmable Digital Models; Power Transducers: Analog & Digital/Smart; Process/Instrument Calibrators: Multi-function "Diamond" & Digital Pressure Gauges; Circuit Breaker Testers

Flame Sensors: IR & UV; High Temp. & High Pressure; Solidstate; Fast-response; Gas Turbine T/C's (OEM): Hermetically-sealed; Cables & Harnesses

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS): Industrial 3 KVA to 250 KVA; Harsh-duty 1-ph Ferroresonant inverter-based and 1-ph & 3-ph PWM Inverter-based UPS's; UPS Sizing & Specification Software

Rectifiers; Battery Chargers; Inverters; Batteries; Regulating/Isolation Transformers; CVT's/Isolimiters; Remote Manual Bypass/Isolation Switches; Fused Panel Boards; AC/DC Distribution Panels

Cathodic Protection Systems: Automated, self-adjusting; communications provide complete feedback for proper ops


Precision I/O: Quad-isolated, 16-bit, high-density, highest signal-to-noise

AC Transducers - up to 8 transducers/card w/ mAdc & digital outputs for Voltage, Current, Voltage & Current, Watt/Var, 3-phase Watt/Var, pF, Phase Angle & Frequency, 3-ph+1 (up to 8-channels) + SCADA Communications


Gas Detectors with Analog & Digital Transmitters for a plethora of Toxic & Combustible Gases using electrochemical, catalytic bead or IR detectors; exclusive daily Auto-test Sensor for Many Gases; 2-wire versions; Portable & Fixed; H2S "Wet" Gas Monitor & Transmitter; Modular Gas Monitor & Universal Alarm Modules; Multi-Channel Gas Alarm Systems, Alarm Scanner; Gas Sampling System; Ozone Standard Generator

Water Quality Monitors for: pH/Orp, D.O. (optical & membrane sensors with auto-clean), Conductivity, Resistivity, Chlorine (free, combined, total and residual; recording version), Turbidity, Dissolved Ozone, Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic Acid, Dissolved Residual Sulfites, Dissolved Sulfides; Dissolved Ammonia, Conductivity (Toroidal, 2- & 4-Electrode and Blind Toroidal sensors); Particle Counter, Particle Alarm, Water Quality Panel; Portable Monitor System; Water Sampling System

Sludge Blanket Interface Level Analyzers: EchoSmart™ for Clarifiers, Thickeners and most Liquid-Solid Separation processes; Up to 16 wired and wireless (ZigBee) Networkable Sensors; SCADA-compatible; WTP Filter Backwash Monitor: EchoSmart™ for Gravity Filter Backwash Optimization; Measures media expansion and turbidity; Up to 16 wired and wireless (ZigBee) Networkable Sensors; SCADA-compatible;


FlexSwitch™ Flow, Level, Temp. & I/face switches/controls with no moving parts to fail or orifices to clog; for Liquids, Gases & Slurries; 3-yr Warranty; In-line, insertion & non-intrusive sensor configurations; fully temperature-compensated;

Air, Gas & Vapor Mass Flowmeters: Single & Multi-point, In-line & Insertion Flow Meters; supplied with & without Vortab Flow Conditioners; Select the economical ST Series; high performance GF Series (with 3 field-Selectable Calibration Tables and the new VeriCal in-situ calibration validation) or Multi-point MT Series meters; Customer Product Knowledge Workshops;

Evaluate your metering application(s) here!

Vortab Process and Flow Conditioners: eliminate swirl and flow profile distortions that degrade thermal meter accuracies; produce accurate, repeatable measurements with minimal pressure loss; ships as a calibrated system from FCI. Watch the Vortab R&D video here!

PLC's: Compact, Critical/Redundant, Hi-Density I/O, Hi-Temp. S/W includes Simulation mode to prove program!

OIT's/Touch-panel HMI's: 4" - 15" Color SVGA Operator Interface Terminals; S/W includes Simulation mode to prove program!

Hybrid / All-in-one Operator Control Station: 7" Touch-panel HMI with integrated PLC for all-in-one solution; Built-in datalogging; Expandable I/O, NEMA 4X, Communications; Ethernet, CAN-bus, RS485/RS232 Serial, USB; Most Protocols & Drivers Available; interface to historians & databases. S/W includes Simulation mode to prove program!

Industrial Panel PC's: 12"-19" Industrial Touch-screen PC's;

UltimateAccess™ SCADA: full featured s/w plus Mobile apps, Thin Clients, Web Clients; Concurrent User-based licensing rather than Tag-based. 123 OPC Server: Hardware & Software-based

Teleprotection, Telemetry and Fiber Optic Monitoring: Relay Teleprotection (Digital & Audio Tones); Remote Data Acq. & Control Telemetry: FSK Tones; Relay-to-relay fiber optic lines control and monitoring: FIDRA
In-line Process Refractometers: % concentration, BRIX & dissolved solids using patented optical measurement of a solution’s refractive index (nD); no errors from bubbles, crystals, color variances and insolubles. Also used as a binary switch to detect batch reaction completion or to validate chemical, product or concentration in a pipe. Measurement Principle is here. Accuracy Statement is here.

Streaming Current Meter: Charge measuring for coagulant optimization;

Streaming Current Controller: Coagulant dosage control for W & WW

Particle Charge Analyzer: Bench-top/Lab unit determines coagulant demand

Non-contact Level Transmitters: Radar/Microwave, Ultrasonic;

Contact Level Transmitters: Capacitance, Hydrostatic, Magnetostrictive, Radar/Microwave, Downhole, Bypass or Mechanical 'Flip-type';

Open-channel Flowmeters: Radar/Microwave, Ultrasonic;

Level Switches: Capacitance, Conductance, Float, Magnetic, Vibrating Rod, Vibrating Fork, Rotating Paddle; Pump Control System;

Temperature Tx's: 2-wire Single & Multi-point Temperature Tx;

Other: Controllers, Indicators, Proximity Sensors; Pressure Tx; Current-controlled Switch, RS485-to-4/20 mA & Relay Outputs; Pump Control System, Intrinsically safe isolator / power supply module; HART Communications Modules, Process Visualization Software, Device Configuration S/W

Controllers, Indicators, Electronic Thermostats

Data Acquisition & SCADA, Cloud Service, Data Loggers

Signal Conditioning, Signal Isolators, Wireless Analog & Digital Interfaces/Transmitters, Profibus/Modbus Gateway, RS485 USB Converters

Pressure Transmitters, Humidity & Temperature Transmitters, Digital Thermometers, Calibrators, Timers & Counters, Solidstate Relays

Measurement systems for the monitoring, control and optimization of thermal processes such as coal fired boilers, cement kilns, smelter processes and others, including:

Air/Gas Mass Flowmeters: for Hot, Dusty and/or Abrasive Flowstreams & Boiler/Power Plant Fuel, Combustion Air & Exhaust; Fixed & Portable

Temp. Sensors: for Super fast response time; Density: based on microwave resonance; Un-burnt carbon in fly ash

Precision Turbine Flowmeters: Liquid & Gas Flow; 0.5% of Reading Accuracy; Cryogenics; Exotic Alloys & Plastics;

Mass Flow Computers; Batch Controllers; Loading/Unloading Meters; Flow Conditioning: Perforated Plates;

Signal Conditioners, Transmitters & Alarms: DIN-rail & Head-mtd.; Traditional Analog, Digital with "push-button" or PC-configuration; HART Tx with 10-yr. Warranty, %RH & Temperature Sensors & Transmitters

Digital Indicators:1/8 DIN Panel & Field-mt.; Universal Inputs; Data Loggers; 1/8 DIN Controllers: Up to 4-pumps; Converters; Isolators; Power Supplies; Remote Intelligent I/O

Magnetic Flow Meters: MountAnywhereand Premium Value magmeters; Flanged, wafer-style and Sanitary 3A;

Capacitance-type Electrode-less magmeter: for ultra-low conductivity, highly-aggressive and/or sticky media flows.

Ultrasonic (Non-contact) Flowmeter: Strap-on type with Event Logging & Multiple Outputs

Density / % Solids / Consistency Analyzer: Microwave-based Sludge Density, Slurries, etc.; Sludge Mass Flow Meter System: Rate & Total lbs. or tons / day

Total, Dissolved & Undissolved Solids: Combine TOSHIBA & K-Patents. e.g.,

Total Solids (TOSHIBA microwave LQ series)

- Dissolved Solids (K-Patents in-line refractometer - see above)

= Undissolved Solids or Solids in Suspension

Vortab Flow Conditioner: Eliminates both Swirl & Velocity Profile Distortion; Lowest Pressure Loss Flow Conditioner Available; Reduces "Straight-run" Requirements & Achieves "Meter Accuracy"; Vorel (Vortab in an Elbow) Requires 0 Straight Runs; Process Conditioners: Equalize Unbalanced Product & Heat Transfer Distribution Within the Shortest Possible Distance for Optimum Results; Rotating Machinery Protection: Vorel at Pump or Compressor Inlet Reduces Cavitation, Noise & Vibration; Vorel Equalizes Forces on Impeller and Bearings, & Enables "Warranted" Pump & Compressor Installations With NO STRAIGHT RUNS; Eliminates Cavitation; Watch the Vortab R&D video here & Vortab VIP video here.



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